BLE Smart Key   ZMK3-1B
Features: Support BLE,Bluetooth key, BLE Key, k,electronically charge keys, rechargeable keys, access control, key control, pickproof key, bump proof key, high security key.
Size: 81*36.5*15.5mm
Weight: 28g
Material: PC bullet-proof plastic enclosure with matte anti-fingerprint treatment
Item code: ZMK3-1B Series
Working temperature: -20℃ — 50℃
Charging requirements: DC5V±0.3V,DC50mA±5mA
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery for standby: The battery can last for about 3-6 months
Ingress protection: IP54
Quantity of lock cylinder that: 4/8/16/64/128
Communication interface: BLE4.0
Button: Night light/Pull out
Indicator: Buzzer,usage,unlocking status,charging signal, indicator light
Application: Fences, Entrance, Explosives Room, Storage Room, Airport Equipment, Data Center, Mining Equipment, Power Substations, Feeder Pillars, Power Distribution Box, Hazardous Equipment, Fuel Tank……

Hizima smart key ZEMK3-1B adopts financial level security chip, and it cannot be copied and cracking. Key has built-in rechargeable lithium battery which can power for the smart lock. After smart key receives the encrypted authorization for unlock, bidirectional authentication process will be started between smart key and smart lock. Only pass the authentication smart key can open the Smart Lock.

Smart key adopts BLE chip and talks to smart lock APP on a smartphone through Bluetooth. Based on the authorization management of the central management platform and smart lock APP, one single smart key is able to open multiple Smart Locks as long as it gets corresponding authorization. This concept breaks through conventional Lock-and-Key design, providing manageable, convenient and flexible for large-scale deployment.

Changing lock cylinder is not necessary when Smart Key lost. That’s only required to disable corresponding authorization from the central management platform via mobile App.


l Code of key is unique, adopting AES and 3DES to bidirectionally encrypt authentification; length of cipher code can be up to 128 bit; key can’t be copied.

l Li-on rechargeable battery is built in the key.

l One key for multiple locks based on authorization; convenient to carry.

l Usage pattern is as same as mechanical locks.

l Providing event logs, easy to manage.

l For different scenes, various ways to get authorization of unlocking.

l IP class can be up to IP54.

l Attached with shimmer flashlight.

l Head of key is made by stainless steel, which looks beatiful and firm.

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