What we do

Our mission is to unlock the door to a secured financial future through the use of passive smart electronic locks combining with an integrated management system.Our team is able to adapt quickly to changing business needs and react in the most efficient way possible.From telecommunication to electric-power, we have successfully delivered products to solve industry-specific concerns.


R&D Team

From a top-notch research and development team to the end users, we integrate our supply chain to cover areas such as mechanism, electricity, and telecommunication in order to better leverage software technology and data encryption.


Combining hardware and software

Our products can be used at various locations on a range of facilities including outdoor cabinets, interior doors, fences, airport equipment, mining equipment, power substations, feeder pillars, power distribution box, hazardous equipment and fuel tank…The software portion uses cross-platform, centralized control center and is available for Android and iOS users.


Customized Service

Our team is dedicated to design and manufacture high-quality locks and management solutions tailored to align with your strategic goals.

System Technical Process
Passive Lock Technology Principle
Our Partners

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